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for NUPLAZID®, including Boxed WARNING.


and resources.


The documents and videos below provide an overview of NUPLAZID and Acadia Connect® as you start your treatment.


learning about
your prescription.


Use these resources to learn more about your medication and where you can go for additional support.




The document below provides you or your loved one with essential information about NUPLAZID. Click below to download the NUPLAZID Fact Sheet in your preferred language.

Learn About NUPLAZID


Click below to learn more about NUPLAZID on the official website.



Acadia Connect.

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Download the brochure below to learn more about our services and the Care Coordinators you can count on for insurance, financial, and prescription support.



Helpful at heart. Click to open the Acadia Connect® Brochurex

video resources.

Click to play the 'What is Acadia Connect®?' video

What Is Acadia Connect?

An overview of the benefits of Acadia Connect and the support our program can provide you and your loved one throughout your treatment journey.

Click to play the 'How Acadia Connect® Works' video

How We Work

How Acadia Connect Care Coordinators work to help you navigate the complex insurance landscape, coordinate with your pharmacy to get your prescription, and provide support and education along the way.

Click to play the "What to Expect" video

What to Expect

This video walks you through what happens after you sign up for Acadia Connect, from your first touchpoint with a Care Coordinator through the ongoing support you will receive.


talking to your doctor about treatment.

Treatment Discussion Guide


The guide below provides questions to help you or your loved one discuss treatment options with your healthcare provider.


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building a routine.


Once you have your prescription, taking it as part of your daily routine is important. Here are a few handy tips that may help you remember:

  • Use a pill organizer. It’s easy to check at a glance
  • Combine it with an everyday activity. Take your medication at the same time as another routine activity like feeding your pet or brushing your teeth
  • Set a recurring alarm. You can use your smartphone or an alarm clock in your home
  • Ask someone to remind you. Sometimes just asking a friend or family member to call or text is all you need
  • Put a note where you’ll see it. Write a reminder and put it on the refrigerator, your coffee maker, or your bathroom mirror

getting started is simple.

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