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affording your


Once enrolled, you can count on your Care Coordinator to lead you through the complexities of today's insurance landscape. We’re pros at helping you and your healthcare provider navigate insurance approvals and assisting with resources that may make your medication more affordable.


your guide to common insurance plans.

I have government insurance ?

Government insurance includes Medicare, Medicaid, and other government programs like the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the Department of Defense (DoD).




9 in 10 patients pay less than $10 as final out-of-pocket costs for their prescription.*



100% of Medicare Part D plans cover NUPLAZID®.

When you enroll, your Care Coordinator can help you with details based on the plan you are on.

I have commercial insurance ?

Commercial insurance is health insurance you get through your work or a healthcare exchange. It's also known as private insurance.



$0 co-pay for qualifying commercially insured patients.

Once enrolled, your Care Coordinator can get you set up with our co-pay program.


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*Around 10% of patients may pay more than $10 for their prescription. As reported by four specialty pharmacy organizations; Q1 to Q2 2023 data.

Managed Markets Insight & Technology. Formulary Lookup website. Accessed October 31, 2023.

Acadia Connect® patient eligibility and terms and conditions apply.

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keeping your insurance
up to date.


To help keep your prescription costs as low as possible, it’s important that you let your Care Coordinator know if your insurance situation changes. Some common reasons your insurance coverage might change include:

  • Changes in employment or financial status
  • Updates to your plan during an open enrollment period
  • A qualifying life event

insurance coverage lookup.


Use our free insurance coverage tool to see if your plan covers the cost of your NUPLAZID medication.




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