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When you enroll in Acadia Connect, support begins right away. Your Care Coordinator will reach out to learn about you, your insurance, and financial situation so that we can offer personalized guidance and resources that are right for you. Here’s a short video about how that will work.

Actor portrayal of woman wearing a headset at work reflects a dedicated Acadia Connect™ patient & caregiver Care Coordinator

helpful at heart.

Blue umbrella above a blue heart icon represents Acadia Connect™ cost and insurance support for prescriptions


No matter what kind of insurance you have, we will work with your healthcare provider to support you through the process of getting your medication approved for coverage.

White dollar sign inside blue circle icon reflects Acadia Connect™ financial assistance for prescriptions


If you don’t have insurance or your prescription isn’t covered, we can provide additional financial options, like Acadia’s Patient Assistance Program. If you qualify, your prescription could be $0 per month.

Blue icon with white 'Rx' text & lines reflect Acadia Connect™ coordination with pharmacies for prescriptions


We’ll also connect you and the pharmacy supplying your medication. This helps ensure you or the person you care for can start therapy as soon as possible and continue to receive your prescription on time regularly.

White secured package with heart icon reflects Acadia Connect™ prescription delivery coordination support with pharmacies


Once the pharmacy finalizes your prescription details, they schedule delivery to the location that’s most convenient for you. They will also reach out to you regularly to coordinate shipping your refills.

White heart inside chat icon reflects Acadia Connect™ ongoing support and education for prescriptions and insurance coverage


Your Care Coordinator will be in touch regularly to check in and assist you with any changes you may be experiencing with your insurance, financial situation, or prescription delivery.


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