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Acadia Connect® is a patient and family support program that connects you and your family with educational support and resources throughout the DAYBUE treatment journey.


supporting you and your loved one.

Our team at Acadia Connect will help you with:

  • Understanding and verifying insurance coverage
  • Information on appropriate financial assistance options
  • Support and education throughout the DAYBUE treatment journey
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Family Access Manager
Blue umbrella above a blue heart icon reflects Acadia Connect® “Insurance” support


Acadia Connect will provide insurance support services to help you obtain coverage for DAYBUE.

White dollar sign inside blue circle icon reflects Acadia Connect® “Financial Assistance” services


Eligible patients with commercial insurance may pay as little as $0 per month for DAYBUE after being automatically enrolled in the Acadia Connect Copay Program.* If you do not have insurance or DAYBUE is not covered by your insurance plan, we can provide appropriate financial assistance options, such as the Acadia Connect Patient Assistance Program.

Blue icon with white "Rx" text and lines reflects Acadia Connect® “Prescription” support


We partner with AnovoRx, our exclusive specialty pharmacy, to process and fill DAYBUE prescriptions. This process helps your loved one start therapy as soon as possible and regularly receive their prescriptions on time.

White secured package with heart inside circle icon reflects Acadia
Connect® “Delivery” of prescriptions


Once AnovoRx finalizes your loved one’s prescription details,
they will schedule the delivery to the location most convenient for you. Acadia Connect will also contact you regularly to coordinate shipping refills.

White heart inside chat icon reflects Acadia Connect® providing “Ongoing Support”


Acadia Connect will be in touch regularly to check in and assist you with any changes you may be experiencing with your loved one’s insurance, financial situation, or prescription delivery.


*Terms, conditions, and program maximums apply. This program is not open to patients receiving prescription reimbursement under any federal, state, or government-funded healthcare program. Not valid where prohibited by law.

Terms and conditions apply. An application is required and is subject to review. Submission of an application does not guarantee approval for the program. While Acadia makes every effort to grant aid when needed and appropriate, the program is limited in available resources and may be modified or discontinued at any time, without further notice.


enrolling your loved one in Acadia Connect.


Once a decision is made to treat your loved one with DAYBUE, the next step is to enroll in Acadia Connect. This can happen in 1 of 3 ways.

  1. You can sign the Prescription and Enrollment Form at your doctor's office before they submit the prescription
  2. If you could not sign the Prescription and Enrollment form, you will need to sign and submit the DAYBUE Patient Consent Form available on this website
  3. You can call Acadia Connect at 1-844-737-2223 and a Nurse Care Coordinator will help you enroll in the program

By providing consent, you and your loved one will have access to the full range of support offerings from Acadia Connect.